Corporate Group Safaris


Going on a team building adventure makes good HR sense and a business trip can help to engage your employees, improve awareness and unlock their potential.
We manage so many corporate trips including incentive trips and groups of corporate staffs. If you are thinking of doing such kind of travel program, maybe to award some of your top producers, think of the impression you could make for future business development, departmental growth and personal gain by rewarding your team with travel experiences. We’ll scout and do site inspections for you, and travel along with you when the time comes. A full 24hr dedicated onsite service, just for you!
At the core of what we do;
Whether you are keen to practice your motivational skills as you cross the impressive hiking trails of the Usambara, are eager to gather your employees or clients for a 360 cycling exploration around Mt. Kilimanjaro, or want to organize an incentive to cruise in Ngorongoro, many of our adventures can be tailored to suit any type of corporate traveler.
We cater to all types of business travel and each itinerary can be customized, allowing you to choose from many options. Opt for example to return to a comfortable hotel with internet connectivity at the end of the day or unplug completely and share the experience with your team to soak up the night sky at your remote wilderness campsite.
If you are looking to challenge your team members while at the same time give back to a local community, let us operate a charity challenge for your organization.
Simply contact our team by email or phone call. To get started, let us know how many corporate travelers are in your group and an estimated date of departure for your unique business adventure and we'll do the rest!

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As a country, Tanzania offers astonishing nature exploration with spectacular landscapes filled with wildlife, mountains and a wide diverse of local lifestyle and cultural experiences.